What Makes Hydara Fabrics Different? August 22, 2015 21:33

There are countless options in your hometown, state, and online for finding African fabrics, wax prints (ankara), gold-plated jewelry, and head ties.

Yet, this is what we offer:

1. Personalized Customer Service: when you contact Hydara Fabrics on social media, live chat, email, or phone, you are speaking to one of two people--the founder Mohamed Hydara, or his daughter, Fatuma Hydara. This means that your questions or concerns will never be brushed aside and taking care of you is our biggest priority.

2. Free Shipping: We understand that often shipping fees can startle customers. To make your online shopping as simply as possible, shipping with the US is free and tax is included. The price you see is the price on our site is the price you'll pay. No surprises during checkout.

3. Love: We love what we do and what we sell to our customers. Every item added to inventory was painstakingly chosen and something we considered beautiful, lovely, or cute.

Thank you for visiting and supporting us. Our next post will be more about how we started and the people behind the online store. Hope to see you then!


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